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Nov 2, 2012 1:00am EDT
to put that money back into medicare. we cannot afford that. i would be proud to carry the legislation as i was proud to carry the legislation to fund obamacare, i would be proud to support legislation to repeal obamacare. >> speaking about president obama, and i will have to ask the question differently. where has the president failed montana, and how would you fix it? >> i think he failed montana in health care. he added to a system that has already failed. i think the stimulus has already failed. our solution was not to pump money into a onetime expenditure. we want to try to expand payroll taxes. that would put money in the hands of small businesses. i would suggest the new regulations coming out are destroying jobs in billings, montana, costing over $10 million every year from our economy. but i do not understand why you would have an energy tax that is hurting our oil, coal, and gas industries on montana that we rely upon. >> the you feel president obama has implemented policies that hurt montana? >> i feel the race to the top is not a good policy for education for one candidate.
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
about priorities. it is about what values do we care about. i am not going to turn medicare into a voucher to pay taxes. i am not going to allow this nation to be plunged into another battle over health-care reform and take millions of americans of health care and weaken the reforms we put in place, including making sure young people can stay on their parents' plan just so insurance companies can jump back into the driver's seat. by the way, i am not going to allow politicians in washington to control health-care choices women should make it by themselves. i am not going to do that. we are not going to go backwards. we are going to go for words. -- forwards. [applause] colorado, we know what change is. we know what the future requires. we do not need a big government agenda or a small government agenda. we need a middle class agenda that will reward responsibility. we need a common sense agenda that says when we educate a poor child, it helps us all, that says we donate suit science, her discovery will benefit all americans. we need an agenda that recognizes we do not just l
Oct 31, 2012 1:00am EDT
it would charge those of medicare and extra six to $400 a year. i talk to people all over this district. they cannot afford an additional $6,400 out of pocket. are we going to do it on the backs of workers such as those upton to freeport to jobs are getting set to china? because there are tax incentives to do that? or are we going to continue to give tax breaks for big oil at the expense of middle class families that are going to be asked to pay $2,000 more under the ryan budget plan that my opponent supports. $100 billion and a savings every year. the report is sitting on a shelf. it has a proposal such as merging the small business administration with the department of commerce. it has proposals like getting rid of redundant services. for instance, job training programs. there are 44 redundant job training programs that we can do away with. >> the same questions with specifics justice, schilling. >> i believe you start with the top and lead by example. my opponent talks about the mail as i said. i invested less than 50 cents per constituent in the district. we spent money communicatin
Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
america back into the future business because it protects social security, medicare and makes america competitive internationally. so i think president clinton is a ranl guy and thought it was a great budget number one. number two i've worked with republicans. we should try to work together. i've worked on the fight to end the war in afghanistan. but the reality is there are big differences between democrats and republicans in washington. mr. doherty is a republican he's committed to more tax breaks for mill nares to repealing obama care and starteding the process all over again whofment are committed to subsidies for big oil and ending the guarantee of medicare. when you put them in power you make the chances of their agenda more of a reality. it matters a lot who we send there. the president put forth the american jobs act. . the president of the united states. he never got a hearing or a vote because the house decide he wasn't going to get one. i'm proud of rhode island values, protecting medicare, social security, rebuilding, making sure we get people back to work. protecting pell
Oct 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
is rigged by those in power and lobbyists. the plans for the future of medicare are dangerous. if we hand them over to the present healthif we hand them oe present health insurance companies. what you will see is somebody fighting for fairness and the voice of hard-working wisconsin families to be heard. >> governor, you have been defined as someone who has stopped being one of us. and you have sold out a special corporate influences. criticism has focused on will have done since being governor. do you have second thoughts about jobs you have held, you have represented? >> no. no. nobody else to say that except my opponent. she spent millions because she is no record to run on. she's been in congress of the 14 years. she did nothing while she was there issue passed three bills. i was governor of the state. cut taxes 91 times, passed welfare reform, school choice, a charter schools, but did care. senior care. all programs for the low, middle income. for everybody in the state of wisconsin. 90% of the people in wisconsin know me just as tommy. i'm still fighting for wisconsin and always wil
Nov 1, 2012 1:00am EDT
wing social engineering. no wonder they are running away from it now. look what it does to medicare. as joyce said, it is shameless what they're saying. they say that we are hurting medicare. anybody know anybody on medicare? you are better off now than you were before we came and. no copay for your annual visits. they would wipe all that out. the real secret, the real thing they are not talking about. as they did not talk about at the convention or now. the essential element of the budget. they literally eliminate medicare as a guarantee program. here is the deal. you should all be aware of this. under their plan, anyone reaching the age of 65 when they become eligible for their new medicare plan, anyone is automatically off of medicare. nobody is on it automatically. you can buy back into it with a budget will give you -- but it is designed not to keep pace with the cost of health care. that is why every outside group that has looked at this sad it would cost the nearest tens of thousands of dollars more. if you are 55 and go on it -- $60,000 more for your medicare. if you are 45
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)